July 26, 2021


JAMIYAT – THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS Pir Sayyid Abu al-Kamal Barq Naushahi arrived in the United Kingdom in June 1978 at


Pir Sayyid Abu al-Kamal Barq Naushahi arrived in the United Kingdom in June 1978 at the invitation of Pir Sahib as a chief guest on the occasion of the annual Urs gathering of Mujaddid-e-Azam Sayyid Haji Muhammad Nausha Ganj Bakhash Qadiri (959-1064 Hijra) which was being held at Jamiyat Southfield BD8.

Pir Sayyid Abu al-Kamal Barq Naushahi was also invited to attend a similar Urs gathering in The Hague. On this journey he was accompanied by Pir Sahib and other distinguished scholars from the United Kingdom. The following year Haji Khalifa Adalat Khan Naushahi moved his residence from Bradford to the Hague. He, with the assistance of Muhammad Yousaf Naushahi, Ch Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Sharif Naushahi, Muhammad Ramzan Hansaldar, Muhammad Ramazan Baqareidi, Umer Gulzar, Muhammad Rashid Jeio, Haji Muhammad Gulzar and other members of the Muslim community established The World Islamic Mission Netherland. The central body was convened by Jamiyat Southfield Square BD8 in 1974. A former school building at Herschelstraat 21-A-23, 2562 JN Den Haag was bought to convert it into a mosque and other community facilities.

A second building for the The World Islamic Mission Netherland was purchased at Kepplerstraat 284 in Den Haag to be used as a mosque and community facilities. Khalifa Haji Adalat Khan Naushahi, Khalifa Muhammad Yasin Naushahi, Imran Naushahi, Ch Adalat Khan Naushahi, Ch Muhammad Aslam Naushahi, Tariq Naushahi, Abdul Ghani Naushahi and Raja Khalid Naushahi were pioneers of this project.


Imam and Teachers Past and Present Sahibzada Sayyid Munir Hussain Shah Naushahi, Mualana Abdul Qadir Naushahi, Ghulam Abbas Naushahi, Hafiz Munib Hussain Naushahi, Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Naushahi, Sahibzada Sayyid Safwan Shah Naushahi.


Congregational Prayers (all 5), Education, Madrassah, Ramadan and Eid prayers and Community Facilities and Projects.


There are no future plans.

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