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Jamiyat is engaged with a whole range of relief work and partners with other charities to deliver much needed aid to areas in need around the world. We welcome other charities to visit our mosques and centres and raise money for worthy causes…..
Jamiyat is a registered charity and there are many onerous tasks for the charity to fulfil in terms of operations and managing the large organisation of mosques and centres located around the UK and around the world…..
Jamiyat has a great number of students enrolled in the supplementary schools. It is important that each child is receiving a quality education and that the Charity is working hard in developing high standards of curriculum and sourcing well…..
This donation is designed for those people who are interested to in donating to all of the JAMIYAT mosques equally. Your donations will be equally divided amongst all of JAMIYAT mosques. Your support and donation to this cause is appreciated by the Charity…..

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