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JAMIYAT ACADEMIES are centres of learning which are attached to many of  JAMIYAT’s mosques or centres. Students learn the national curriculum subjects as well as the Islamic sciences.

Most centres enroll students from the age of 4/5 years to 16 years of age.

Some of the centres are now open on weekends to accommodate the wishes of parents who like their children to focus on school work during the week and learn Islamic sciences during the weekend.

If you would like more information about JAMIYAT ACADEMIES, or would like to admit your child to a local JAMIYAT ACADEMY, please email  or visit

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The MADRASSAH project aims to develop educational resources for the teaching of Islamic sciences in  mosques, centres or schools.

The syllabus is divided into three areas:   




The ISLAMIC CURRICULUM is further divided into five distinct subjects:  


This project is in a state of development and the resources will be uploaded on

If you would like to contribute towards this project or would like more information, please email

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The iCITIZENSHIP project, short for ISLAMIC CITIZENSHIP,  aims to develop education materials for teachers, parents or imams who are interested in using sacred Islamic sources to teach citizenship values.

The materials developed here have been approved by the Council for Mosques, leading Islamic scholars and imams and the JAMIYAT education board.

This is a central and free resource available for teachers and parents to download and use.

For more information, please visit or email

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TRADITIONAL ISLAM is an e-learning portal where some of the leading Islamic scholars and teachers will be offering their courses online.

The portal will celebrate the knowledge of the centuries old traditional Islamic community who follow the great Sunni traditions of the four schools, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi and Ahmad bin Hanbal. depicted as the four pillars in the Traditional Islam logo. The knowledge from these four schools can be traced back over fourteen hundred years to the Prophet s.a in an unbroken chain.

This Sunni tradition is the fortress of traditional islam for centuries this version of moderate Islam has been followed by the vast majority of Muslims in the world.

The e-learning platform  ‘TRADITIONAL ISLAM . ORG’ will provide a safe learning environment for those interested in learning mainstream traditional Islam from the experts.

This project is in a state of development.

if you are interested towards contributing towards this initiative, please email

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