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Jamiyat is a registered charity with a mission of uniting communities to promote peace.
JAMIYAT – PARIS, FRANCE Jamiyat established the World Islamic Mission Mosque in Paris in the 1980s. It is now a focal point for the Muslim community in Paris. Initially Soofi Muhammad Malik Naushahi, Mualana Abdul Qadir Naushahi, Soofi Muhammad Arif Chisti, Raja Liaqat Sahib, Haji Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid were active in the World Islamic Mission Paris. They agreed to buy a building subject to planning permission. The planning permission was not granted and the project suffered
JAMIYAT – ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS In 1985, the World Islamic Mission established a third religious Centre in Rotterdam in a small building which was sold in the year 2000, Banierstraat 33 A, Rotterdam, a larger building was bought and converted into a mosque and community centre. Khalifa Haji Adalat Khan Naushahi, Khalifa Muhammad Yasin Naushahi, Haji Naseer Ahmad Naushahi, Haji Muhammad Saleem Naushahi, Mualana Sarfaraz Ahmad Naushahi, Janab Habib Naushahi, Soofi Muhammad Asghar Naushahi, Haji Sabir Hussain
JAMIYAT – THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS Pir Sayyid Abu al-Kamal Barq Naushahi arrived in the United Kingdom in June 1978 at the invitation of Pir Sahib as a chief guest on the occasion of the annual Urs gathering of Mujaddid-e-Azam Sayyid Haji Muhammad Nausha Ganj Bakhash Qadiri (959-1064 Hijra) which was being held at Jamiyat Southfield BD8. Pir Sayyid Abu al-Kamal Barq Naushahi was also invited to attend a similar Urs gathering in The Hague.
JAMIYAT – PAKISTAN JAMIA NAUSHAHIA, JEHLUM A seminary has been built on a piece of land acquired by Pir Sahib. It has a large teaching and residential blocks which houses two hundred students. Food, clothing, medical and boarding facilities are provided free of charge. It is a government approved center for education. The seminary also provides specialist advanced level education to many of the enrolled students. SERVICES OFFERED: Hifzul Quran (Memorisation of Quran)
BRADFORD CENTRAL MOSQUE, CITY CENTRE – BD1 Bradford Central Mosque is considered to be the Crown Jewel of Jamiyat’s charitable work. The vision for developing a central mosque and community facility was first conceived as early as 1963 by Pir Sahib. It wasn’t until 1978 when the opportunity arose to purchase a piece of land in the BD1 area for £135k from Bradford Council. The project then took over £5 million pounds
JAMIYAT SOUTHFIELD SQUARE – BD8 The foundations of Jamiyat charity was built around Southfield Square, Bradford BD8 – this was the very first mosque and community Centre in Bradford of the Sunni Community in the UK. The U-shaped cobble stone road of Southfield Square are a constant reminder of the struggles and challenges of Jamiyat, as it endeavored to serve the community in the difficult period of the 1960s and 70s. First prayers
JAMIYAT FRIZINGHALL – BD9 Initially 84 Beamsley Rd was purchased by Jamiyat to serve the Frizinghall area of Bradford. However,  the house did not get planning permission for a mosque and community facility and was subsequently sold to purchase 54 Aireville Road in the 1990s at a cost of nearly £70k. Subsequently, 52 Aireville Rd was bought to extend the building. This large building now serves the Frizinghall community area. The key people involved in setting up

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