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Jamiyat is a registered charity with a mission of uniting communities to promote peace.
JAMIYAT SHEARBRIDGE RD – BD7 Building was first purchased in 1974. Jamiyat Shearbridge  is sometimes referred to as the Islamic Missionary College. Key people involved in setting up Shearbridge Rd were Haji Muhammad Yasin, Haji Muhammad Younis Awaisi, Raja Muhammad Arif, Sufi Abdul Kareem, Haji Muhammad Latif, Haji Muhammad Bashir, Sufi Muhammad Bashir, Choudhry Muhammad Latif, Muhammad Latif Bhatti, Haji, Muhammad Rasib, Haji Muhammad Wilayat, Choudhry Anwar Khan, Haji Abdul Khaliq, Haji Wilayat Ali, Haji
JAMIYAT BURNETT PLACE – BD5 The building consists of two terrace houses which were first purchased in the 1980s and then converted into a single large building. Key people involved in setting up Burnett Place were Haji Sabir Hussain Naushahi, Haji Abdul Rehman Sahib, Raja Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Shafiq Mir, Haji Muhammad Riaz, Choudhry Liaqat Ali, Choudhry Gulzar Ali and Haji Muhammad Rafiq. CURRENT CHAIR: Shaukat Ali SERVICES OFFERED: Congregational Prayers (all
JAMIYAT RYAN STREET – BD5 Two adjoining houses were first purchased in 1981 and converted into larger building. Key people involved in setting up Ryan Street were Raja Muhammad Aslam, Imtiaz Miran, Sufi Abdul Wahid, Haji Muhammad Ibrahim, Haji Muhammad Sharif, Muhammad Nazir and Haji Nabi Bakhsh. CURRENT CHAIR: Muhammad Ramzan SERVICES OFFERED: Congregational Prayers (all 5), Education, Madrassah, Ramadan and Eid prayers and Community Facilities and Projects. FUTURE PLANS: No future plans.
JAMIYAT COVENTRY STREET – BD4 A former co-op building was purchased in 1999 for £85K to be paid over five years. All funds were collected by Mian Muhammad Gulzar Naushahi to pay the loan. The building has been converted to a mosque and community facility. Key people involved in developing Jamiyat Coventry Street were Liaqat Hussain Naushahi, Miah Muhammad Gulzar Naushahi, Nasar Khan Rehman and Haji Sultan Muhammad and Muhammad Akram. Serving Imams:
JAMIYAT BROWNING STREET – BD3 The building was purchased in 1971. The key people involved in setting up Jamiyat Browning Street were: Choudhry Ghulam Hussain, Choudhry Lal Khan, Choudhry Sahib Dad brothers, Choudhry Dilawar Khan, Haji Mazhar Hussain, Khawaja Muhammad Najeeb, Khawaja Muhammad Ibrahim, Khawaja Muhammad Saddique, Khawaja Muhammad Rafiq and Haji Ghulam Nabi, PAST AND CURRENT IMAMS Maulana Muhammad Bostan Nasir Qadiri (late, Mufti Abdullah Qadiri (late), Qari Tariq Mahmood Mujahid Naushahi, Hafiz
JAMIYAT BARKEREND – BD3 Jamiyat Barkerend Rd is one of the largest mosques in Bradford. Previously the building used to be a cinema called Roxy and for this reason,  the mosque is sometimes called the ‘Roxy Mosque.’ The mosque is famous for hosting one of the biggest and memorable Hamza Yusuf events. Leaders of different faith and communities were invited. The event attracted thousands of people, and many queued and listened to the
JAMIYAT – HAWORTH RD, BD9 BACKGROUND: The building was purchased for £850k during the peak time of the property boom. The building was expensive as the valuation included the purchase of the business (a nursing home) as well as the adjoining 1 acre of land. The key people involved in the purchase and setting up of Jamiyat Haworth Rd were Liaqat Hussain, Khadim Hussain, initially Muhammad Arshad (Head of

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